When will the guilt of having my affair stop? it’s killing me!

When will the guilt of having my affair stop? it’s killing me!

If you don't deal with your affair, it could haunt you for years!

I received a call yesterday from someone who is still living with past guilt about an affair that happened years ago. Is it worth it to keep beating yourself up, I asked? “My wife has no clue what I did, and I have  no peace whatsoever! What am I going to do, he asked? Is this something that I have to live with the rest of my life? I can’t sleep at nights, God, I wish this never happened.” This man wept, sobbed, and carried this heavy burden for several years. I looked at him and said” I can help you!”

So, we talked for a few hours, and I had him deal with unresolved issues that have been eating him up. First of all admit that you had an affair and own up to it, blaming others for your mistake will only cause more pain and prolong your guilt. There are several ways of dealing with the pain you have caused yourself and others. I can show you how, as your counselor and life coach. Contact me at www.applicablecoaching.com or call 303.456.0555 for information on how I can help you.

So how do you deal with the pain from your affair? You get help now and move on. Don’t let the guilt of an affair weigh you down over the years! Help is available, now you need to take the next step and call.

Many of you have expressed an interest in talking with me about how to save your marriage, or how to end it. Having gone through the pain myself, I’d be glad to help.

Click here to receive a free 30-minute appointment.

I’m making my calendar available for you to schedule a free no obligation 30 minute appointment to see if divorce coaching or divorce counseling can help you. so I can help walk you through the process, step-by-step, whatever option you choose.

It won’t just go away by itself. Let me help you resolve one of the most painful times in your life, so you can start moving forward again. Make that your first step right now.

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  1. Kailee says:

    Super infomrative writing; keep it up.

  2. Very interesting subject, thank you for posting.

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