Just Stop It

Just Stop It

Most of you may not be old enough to have watched “The Bob Newhart Show” that aired from 1972 through 1978.  It was a very funny show because of, well, Bob Newhart!  He played a mild-mannered psychologist that used basic, common sense to solve many of the problems his clients brought to him to resolve.  It’s the same common sense that is lacking in today’s society.  In one of his last shows he counsels a woman who has a fear of being buried alive in a box.  After a few minutes sharing her fear and anxiety, he sits back in his chair and advises her to “stop it!”  She asks him, “So I should just ‘stop it’?”  “Yes”! He replied! “JUST STOP IT!”

Imagine how freeing it would be if we could just stop doing or thinking things that are self-destructive or destroy the lives of others.  How easily can we just stop certain behaviors? Over the years I have seen many people who really didn’t need my counseling and coaching services…they just needed to “stop it.

I’m reminded of the woman who allowed her dog to “take care of his business” on her neighbor’s lawn.  Of course, her neighbor wasn’t real happy about it!   He repeatedly asked my client to “stop it” and keep her dog from running lose in the neighborhood.  My client insisted that the dog’s feces was biodegradable so there should be no concern!  That’s when she called me wanting help solving a dispute between her and her neighbor.  I asked her a few simple questions and learned that in her mind, it was not a big deal and carried on for several minutes with excuse after excuse!   All she needed to do was “stop it”!

Folks, it’s called common sense!  If you’re doing something that offends a family member, a friend, or a co-worker then “stop it”.  Talk to the person you have offended then figure out what you need to do to “stop it”!  We don’t want to repeat destructive behaviors and then wonder why people don’t like us. It’s really a very simple fix!

How many people do we know continually get involved in unhealthy relationships?   They keep repeating the same old bad habits and fall for the same type of person.  Ever just want to say “stop it”?  Stop dating bad people. Just stop it!  If you’re dating someone you know is not good for you, leave the relationship!   End it!  And don’t make the same mistake twice!

If you’re in a job that is a dead-end and there is no way of advancing, then why stay in that job? Start looking for another job. Don’t stay with a job that will keep you from becoming all you can be. “Just stop it.” Find a job that you will love and can grow in. Take that leap of faith and jump into the job market.

If you feel that people are taking advantage of you, say, “stop it”. Let them know you will no longer take it. Stand up for yourself!  Your friends and co-workers will respect you!  It’s perfectly OK to say “no.”  When I say “stop it,” I will not allow any situation to control me or make me feel bad. It’s about having boundaries that I can live by. If you feel someone is taking advantage of you, then by all means, say “stop it”.  Take back your life and get back into the game of finding your freedom.

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