Get Out of My Way! By Dr. Michael Brooks

Get Out of My Way! By Dr. Michael Brooks

Have you ever had someone cut in line in front of you, while grocery shopping or waiting to order at a fast-food restaurant? What was your reaction? Did you get angry, did you say something and let them know you were not happy? I’m sure most of us would not be overjoyed if that happened to us. It has happened to me plenty of times, and although I usually do not say anything, I watch the people and see how they react to the individual who cut in line in front of them.

It’s not worth it to get angry if someone cuts in line, keep your cool and just move on!

I learned a valuable lesson several years ago about some of the reasons why people do this. Most people who do cut in line are insensitive and don’t care who has been waiting patiently for their turn to be next.

I’ve had people cut in line when I was waiting to buy gas, or I was about to take a parking space that I’ve been waiting for, someone zips right in and takes my spot. They get out of their car, look at me with a big smile, and walk away. Yes, we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Everyone seems in a rush these days, so much going on in the world, work, school, sports, social events, all kinds of busy activities. The event that changed my mind as to why some people are in a hurry and cut in line happened while I was waiting to get on an elevator at a hospital in Denver. I was there going to visit a friend of mine. I just got on the elevator and stepped to the side, when suddenly I heard a woman yelling “Get Out of My Way.” I was by the elevator panel for each floor, she pushed me aside and started hitting the 4th-floor several times. She was having a  hard time breathing; I’m guessing she had been running with her husband to a family emergency at the hospital. Then she spoke to her husband and said, “I hope we made it in time.” The elevator doors opened up to the 4th floor, as she ran out I could see it was the ICU floor. As the doors closed, I said a silent prayer for this woman and her husband. I visited with my friend and then headed home, doing a lot of thinking.

Here’s what I learned from my experience at the hospital. Some people really do have a reason to be in a hurry. They may cut in line, they might take our parking spot, some may even seem rude, but ask yourself this question, what is it that they are going through? Is this person experiencing a crisis? Is a family member ill, maybe they are having a bad day with a spouse threatening divorce, no matter what they may be going through, step back, and give someone the benefit of the doubt.

In closing, keep in mind that no matter what the situation is, it’s not worth confronting and getting angry over someone cutting in line, just keep the peace, go on with life, and be happy that you’re not getting upset with someone who may have a good reason to cut in line. Move on and be happy!

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