Be Content With Yourself (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Be Content With Yourself (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Here are some keys to being content and enjoying life. These are simple rules to live by and can be shared with your friends and family.
• Appreciate what you have: So many of us take for granted the things we have in our lives. We day dream about being rich and famous. We envy movie stars, rock stars, athletes and wish we could be like them and the fame that goes along with their status. Unhappy people rarely get what they want. Content people know how to live and do not place unrealistic goals in front of them. They accept things as they come and appreciate the things they have. It doesn’t do any good to complain about the problems they create for themselves, it only adds stress to their lives and makes others miserable to be around them.

• Enjoy the things you do: Content people enjoy their jobs, they enjoy helping people, listening to them and helping the people they encounter figure things out. How many people do you know that are working so many hours that they have no family life, or their health is in jeopardy. They don’t seem happy and complain a lot. Their lives are so busy that they don’t stop to smell the roses. Life is so complicated for these people.

• Live in the now: So many people often are looking back at what should have been. They have a difficult time in appreciating today and keep looking back at the bad things that happened and what they should have done to prevent the issue from happening. Content people live in the now and are at peace with themselves over their past. Do you think worrying about your past will changed what happened? Of course not, it will only frustrate you even more.

• Decide to be happy and content: Your mindset needs to be one of being positive and upbeat. You decide the minute you get up in the morning whether you are in control of how you will feel. If you normally get up in the morning in a foul mood and take it out on others in your home, you have set the tone for the rest of the family. Look at the positive things you have going for you and focus on those. Create an environment of being positive and contentment for yourself and those around you.

• Choose the right relationships: I am very careful who I allow to come into my life. There are people who can suffocate your joy, happiness and being content. Avoid these people, they offer you nothing in return and will only cause you sadness and feeling down and depressed. If you have friends that offer you encouragement, support you, and are genuine kind and caring people, hang on to them. We get joy from good friends and helping them out. I have had to eliminate friends that were constantly critical of my other friends. I love helping people and get great satisfaction in giving to others. The right relationships can be so healthy for you.

I'm rich, I'm rich!

I’m rich, I’m rich!

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