The Seven Sins of Marital Discourse (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

The Seven Sins of Martial Discourse (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

So, here we go, read and see if you’re struggling with number one on my list of discourse. Number one on my list of Seven Sins of Marital Discourse is, don’t make assumptions about your spouse and go with your feelings, yes your feelings are important but so is your spouses. But feelings can be dead wrong and create unwanted anger. I recommend that you sit down and listen to each other’s thoughts and in a civil manner talk about them. Get the facts before fighting. If you think about it, how can you present your issues while yelling, screaming, and being belligerent to your partner? All this does is create a hostile environment, and nothing will get accomplished or settled. Have your list and talk about each one, be detailed and present your points logically. Don’t raise your voice and get up and walk away when your spouse doesn’t understand or agree with what you’re saying. Be specific and listen well to the feedback that you receive from your spouse. Don’t jump to conclusions and think logically to what you are hearing and understanding.

I had a couple that I was working with and both were miles apart on how to raise their children. The husband growing up had a mom and dad that yelled at his brothers and sister. The wife, on the other hand, had parents who sat the kids down and calmly talked things out. You can imagine that neither parent was going change the way the dealt with their own kids and this caused some big-time issues in their marriage. I suggested that they sit down and plan on how they would talk to the kids. This was agreed upon in my office, but was it followed at home? Both reverted to using the styles they learned growing up. They assumed that the other would be in agreement with the style they grew up with. The wife thought the husband would use her way and not his. So make no assumptions and talk things over before agreeing to move forward with your plans.

Next week I will be talking about poor communication and how that can be a problem in your marriage.

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