Are You Addicted to Facebook? (5) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Are You Addicted to Facebook? (5)  By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week we will continue with “Are You Addicted to Facebook”, there will be tips on how to take action and make changes in your life and avoid the pitfalls of addiction to Facebook.

Can you stay off Facebook for a period of time? This is a tough question and can you really take time away from Facebook? If you’re addicted this will be near impossible task for you to do. So, let’s say you’re willing to give this a try. Let’s see if you can take a break for one week. Let your friends know that you’ll be away from Facebook for a one week period. Then step away and let’s see what happens. Try not to peek and see what’s going on Facebook, stay away. This will probably open some peoples eyes and expose the addiction they have to Facebook.

Don’t let Facebook control your emotions!

How can I have a better experience on Facebook without all the drama? I want to avoid getting involved with unhealthy people on Facebook, so what do you suggest? I suggest that you look carefully at your Facebook profile and see if it’s honest and accurate. If it isn’t, then make honest changes and stay true to your updated and honest profile and don’t make any more changes. If you are constantly changing and updating your profile, then it shows that you’re worried about your Facebook image.

How many friends are enough for you? I have seen people with 5,000 friends and I often wonder, how do they ever keep up with so many Facebook friends? It seems like an ego issue. Why bother having so many friends. I have plenty of friends on facebook and most of them like my encouraging words I have for them. I add fun outdoor events that I attend for the family and for someone just wanting to enjoy the outdoors. I post short devotionals that are uplifting and help those hurting or need something to start their day off on the right foot. Many of my followers share my posts that offer insights on how to be a better person. I don’t post political or radical insights. I think it best to avoid these kinds of temptations. Some of my friends love to do battle with their political positions.

If you think that having thousands of friends on facebook makes you popular, think again. I’d bet most of you who have thousands of friends hardly know most of these people. Self-worth should not be dependant on how many friends you have on Facebook, if it is, this is a dangerous road to be on. If you’re struggling with other addictions it can complicate those addictions with a false sense of security. Resist the urge to keep adding people you don’t know on your friend’s list. If you don’t know them or know very little about them, avoid that pitfall of adding people you don’t know to new a friends list.

Next week, I will continue with “Are You Addicted to Facebook? There will be some tips on how to deal with addictions to Facebook and what to look for in those who you feel have a problem with facebook.

There are benefits to having friends on Facebook, I have several that I look forward to talking with on Facebook and talking with them on the phone. I use Facebook for helping others through difficult times. So, if you feel that your addicted to Facebook or are not sure, ask yourself these questions. Do I spend to much time on Facebook during the day? Do I have to keep building my friends list to prove I’m popular? Do I have facebook on my cell phone while eating meals? Do I wake up and go to bed with checking my Facebook page? Do I need help with my addiction to Facebook? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact Dr. Mike and set up an appointment. Please call Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878 if you need help.

Dr. Michael Brooks is the founder of Applicable Counseling and life coaching Services. It is affordable, accessible, anonymous and available by appointment from the privacy of your home. To avoid travel time and the comfort of home, many clients prefer to meet with Dr. Mike over the phone or via Skype (if you want to Skype with Dr. Mike send him an email at to set up an appointment). The convenience of this type of Counseling/Coaching is the most effective means of Life Coaching for those who live outside of Colorado. Give Dr. Mike a call! You’ll be glad you did!

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