Seasons of Darkness (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Seasons of Darkness (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, let’s continue this article on “Seasons of Darkness.” Big let downs in our life can be a major factor in creating the seasons of darkness. Relationships can certainly put you in a dark hole. Marriage problems that go unresolved definitely can be a contributor to hopelessness and dark days. Illness can be another factor as well. No matter what the reasons for your seasons of darkness, let’s look at some of the ways you can get out of the doldrums of darkness and despair.

There’s always a way out of the darkness, look for the positives life offers you!

Recognizing that you’re struggling with some sort of problem, and identify it, is the first step. If your marriage is failing, then figure out what needs to be done to restore it and have an action plan to make it happen. Sitting and doing nothing about your bad marriage or bad relationship will not fix the problem; it will only get worse if you do nothing. Action plans will help you to get out of your seasons of darkness. You moving forward with your plan will help you see more clearly on what your next steps should be. Plan carefully, don’t rush ahead of the plan. When you do that more often than not, you’ll make some big mistakes.

Don’t seek advice from people who live in penthouses, but seek advice from people who have been in the very trenches you’re in. What I mean by this statement, People who live in  penthouses (that’s a figure of speech) are those who have perfect lives and do not understand what you’re going through. Yes, they are willing to offer you advice, yet have no real experience in dealing with the emotional struggles that are causing you your “Seasons of Darkness.” They make assumptions with out real solutions.

The people who have struggled in the past with living in the seasons of darkness can quantify and be empathetic with the pain you’re experiencing. These kind of people can help you through the minefields of your emotions.

Next week, I want to continue this article on dealing with the seasons of darkness in your life. Plus, I’ll give you some tips on how to deal with the “Seasons of Darkness.”

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