What It Means To Hit Rock Bottom (4)


Don’t let your past hold you down!

Continued from last week. Since then I have regained my health, grown my business, got involved with my church, and feel great where I am at. I will give you my tips for getting yourself out of the bottom of the barrel and they do work!

  • · Realize that once you have hit rock bottom or are headed that way you don’t have to stay there. Nobody can get you out of there except yourself and the help from God.
  • · Ask yourself, how did you end up at rock bottom. By your own hands or by circumstances. What immediate course of action do you need to take to get yourself out. Example are there ties to cut from family and friends? You may continue to loan people money you don’t have to loan and it’s causing you to go into debt and you can’t pay your bills.
  • · Make a plan based on one week, one month, one year as to your next steps and what you need to do to make those happen.
  • · If you need to meet with professional people to help you make that plan, do it! Financial planners, marriage counselors, pastors, lawyers to protect yourself if you’re in legal trouble. You have to make these calls, don’t rely on others to do repairs that you need to make. You will grow from undoing the damage you may have created.
  • · If you have harmed anyone in the process while hitting rock bottom in word or deed, take ownership and do the right thing and make the wrongs right if possible.

These tips work and they have worked for countless people that have been clients of mine. Try a few of them and see for yourself. All it takes is the effort and determination with some sweat to dig yourself out of the bottom. For some it will be scary, for some nerve racking, for others hard work. If you don’t want to be a repeat offender take steps so it doesn’t happen.

I know a lot of people who will not budge or lift a finger to dig themselves out of the hole. They’re like baby’s in a crib. They will tell you they don’t like being there, in fact they will say they want out but take no action. Do you know anyone like that?

Part five will be continued in next week’s article.

Do you struggle with not knowing what to do when confronted by life’s struggles? Are you afraid to move forward because your past mistakes keep holding you back? Do you want help in deciding your next steps to get out from rock bottom? If you answered yes to any of these questions then give Dr. Mike a call.

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