I’m Not Responsible. It’s Your Fault! (2)

There is always hope if you're willing to fight for your marriage

There is always hope if you’re willing to fight for your marriage

Another excuse for not taking responsibility for their actions. “The reason I am so over weight is McDonalds should know better in using the wrong kind of fat when they make their french fries. It’s their fault I am gaining weight. I am talking to a lawyer to see if I have a case for my obesity.” Remember when the woman spilled her hot coffee in her lap at the drivethru and blaming McDonalds for making the coffee to hot. Whose fault was that? She sued and won millions in her case. What message did she send to her family and the millions of people who saw this on the news? It’s not my fault I spilled the coffee.
One of my favorites is “I didn’t do my homework because I couldn’t find my history book.” Kids today have so many electronics at their disposal. There can be a problem with that. It takes kids away from doing their homework, introduces some kids into porn. Many kids get hooked on the games they play for hours. Parents need to be checking into their kids electronics on a regular basis. Who is responsible for the kids at home and at school? The kids learn from watching their parents blame each other for their personal failures. I have heard some parents blame each other for their kids grades. It’s time to stop blaming each other and take 100% responsibility for our actions. Our kids need to see that.
I think it’s time that we as friends, parents, married couples, children all of us start looking at ourselves and make a commitment to be 100% responsible for all our actions. We need to stop blaming others, we need to stop making excuses and be 100% honest with ourselves and each other. This is one thing in your life that you can control. The question is do you want to make that commitment?
I am looking for those of you who would like to be a part of the 100% responsibility club. In order to be in this club you need to be willing to be wrong and have to be willing to do what it takes to make the wrong right! It’s called being accountable to each other. Many of you have had years of making excuses, blaming others, or using justification to get you off the hook. If you join this club, starting today you will be done with a lifetime of making excuses and accepting full responsibility for your actions. It’s called being real and transparent. If you are interested in joining this 100% Responsibility Club send me an e-mail.
Do you need help in being a 100% responsible for your actions? Do you need to be 100% honest in your relationships and want help in making that happen? Are you needing help in rebuilding trust in a relationship that you were responsible for the problems? If you answered yes to any of these questions please give Dr. Mike a call to get some help.
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