I’m Not Responsible. It’s Your Fault!

I’m Not Responsible. It’s Your Fault! (1)

Stay the course when fighting for your marriage

Stay the course when fighting for your marriage

When was the last time you heard someone blame another person for THEIR bad behavior or not taking responsibility for their actions? I see it in my office all the time. The blaming of others is at an epidemic high. It’s in our schools, at the work place, even in our marriages and homes. Instead of accepting full responsibility we want to blame away our problems on any body except ourselves. I hear about parents who don’t confront their kids when the excuses start to fly (not doing homework, not cleaning their rooms, or fighting with their siblings). Why is that? Parents, many of them don’t like to argue with their kids and let their excuses pass.

Today many parents don’t take responsibility for the actions of their kids at home or in school. Parents will blame teachers, the schools, and the kids friends and think that’s OK. Yes kids should know better, but do the parents correct bad behavior? I do know of some that do. That’s refreshing to see these days. Kids do well in school settings when the parents take control of their kids questionable behavior and habitual using excuses to get out of doing homework.

We live in a victim society that allows people to blame others for their failures. I know many who will make excuses or blame others who don’t do their part at work or at home. You know who they are as I do. My thought on those who blame others on a regular basis don’t have a life. Being 100% responsible for your actions will free you from the habit of excuses. I say take 100% responsibility in all your relationships and if you mess up take the blame and don’t blame others for what you did. If you think it will be easier to blame others and get away with it..think again! Once people find out you were responsible for your action..look out..it will be disastrous for you in the long run.

Growing up in an army family with my dad being an officer you were held to a higher standard growing up. If we screwed up we paid for it in a timely manner. You seldom repeated blaming others for your mistakes because the consequences were swift and painful.

The marriage dilemma we face today in this country is out of control. Men and women who had affairs will blame the spouse for the affair. I had one man in my office say “the reason I had an affair my wife didn’t show me any respect so I found someone that did!” In marriage each person shares the responsibility in keeping the marriage intact. Stop blaming each other and get help in repairing your marriage. Divorce is preventable.

I am looking for those of you who would like to be a part of the 100% responsibility club. In order to be in this club you need to be willing to be wrong and have to be willing to do what it takes to make the wrong right! It’s called being accountable to each other. Many of you have had years of making excuses, blaming others, or using justification to get you off the hook. If you join this club, starting today you will be done with a lifetime of making excuses and accepting full responsibility for your actions. It’s called being real and transparent. If you are interested in joining this 100% Responsibility Club send me an e-mail.

Do you need help in being a 100% responsible for your actions? Do you need to be 100% honest in your relationships and want help in making that happen? Are you needing help in rebuilding trust in a relationship that you were responsible for the problems? If you answered yes to any of these questions please give Dr. Mike a call to get some help.

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