No One Is Going To Respect You Until You respect Yourself (4)

No one’s going to respect you till you respect yourself (4)

Here are some tips on how to show respect towards others and gain the confidence of a spouse, family member or friend while doing it. Remember this is an area we all need to work on.

Finding your purpose in life is only a step away.

Finding your purpose in life is only a step away.

· Show gratitude to others. Thank them for helping or assisting you on a regular basis. People like to know they are appreciated. You can thank them by a phone call, e-mail, texts. That is showing respect towards others by thanking them.

· Try to look at other peoples perspectives. We all have opinions and different idea’s listen to what is being said, that shows respect.

· Don’t judge people before you really know them. Don’t jump to conclusions or attack them personally. We all have to respect each other.

· If you can’t say anything nice about someone, then don’t say anything. Be respectful towards everyone you meet or come into contact with.

· Don’t gossip, be respectful and keep quiet about people you may not agree with or not like.

· Respect yourself, hang around people that are better then you are. If you have people in your life that tear you down, then get better people in your life. Avoid self-destructive behaviors. If you drink too much then get help. If self-discipline is an area you need help then get help.

· Show respect for your personal time and the time of others. If you say you’re going to do something do it! Respect the times of your family, friends business acquaintances. If you have an appointment with someone be on time, that shows respect for the people you’re meeting with.

These are just a few tips that can help you learn how to respect yourself and others. Your words reflect on who you are and how you treat others. So make an effort on being sensitive to others emotions and what you say and do. We all want to be treated with respect. Remember someone is always watching you from afar.

Do you have a hard time respecting others at home, work or with your friends? Do you feel disrespected at home by your spouse or children? Do you feel disrespected at work and want help in stopping it? If you answered yes to any of these questions give Dr. Mike a call today he can help you!

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