What Are Your Auto Responders? (5)

If you don’t have auto responders in your marriage you can get yourself into a boat load of trouble. You really don’t want fights over things you have said to each other do you?. Seems like some couples never learn when to simply quit arguing. They have to get the last word in or make a dig that is intended to continue the couples fighting. I tell my clients to stop with their attitude of “I will win the fights we have.” That kind of thinking will kill many salvageable marriages.

Stay the course when fighting for your marriage

Stay the course when fighting for your marriage

Who wants to live with someone who always has to be right and will keep a running score. Using the auto responder can save marriages if you’re willing to learn how to implement it in your relationship with your spouse.

Even if you’re separated you can use the auto responder to stop the fighting between you and your partner. During separations and divorce proceedings many times you will be tempted to fire some verbal volley’s at your soon to be ex. People get wounded, hurt and they say things out of their personal pain while going through a divorce.

If you want your divorce to be somewhat amenable then don’t respond and be nasty when you’re being attacked verbally. Your auto responder should be limited communication but carefully chosen responses. You only hurt yourself and children if you battle with your words. It only makes matters worse for all of you. Take the high road and leave it at that.

Here are my tips for auto responders for couples that are separated or going through a divorce.

· When the kids are being used in your verbal war of words “STOP” they should never be used in personal attacks against each other.

· Weigh what you say, because if you don’t, some of the very words you speak can and will be used against you during your divorce.

· If you feel yourself getting frustrated while talking with your soon to be ex just say “this is probably not a good time to talk and let’s continue this tomorrow.”

· Remember there are no winners or losers in your warring communication. Walk away and take the high ground.

· Let your lawyers fight it out for you. The auto responder that stops most separated or divorcing individuals in their tracks is “talk to my attorney.”

· When in doubt and you see that your conversation is going absolutely nowhere, end the conversation on the spot. If you don’t you may be setting yourself up for some big problems. Don’t wait around to see what happens.

I have one client who says she loves her husband yet is separated and continues to fight with him. They argue over everything. She pokes him in the eye with painful attacks and he responds in kind. I told her stop attacking and use the auto responders we worked on. It can be very difficult to use your auto responders when you’re used to snarky comebacks to hurt the other person.

Many people have lost everything by the way they respond to others. Marriages have ended because of mouthy comebacks. People have been murdered, injured, made lifetime enemies…just by responding with snarky or harmful comebacks. You don’t need to do that. Learn to use your auto responders wisely. They will keep you out of trouble. If you need help in learning on how to use auto responders call Dr. Mike.

Do you struggle with keeping quiet when you want so much to fire back with a snarky remark? Have you gotten yourself into trouble by the things you have said to others? Do you need to learn how to control what you say and how you say it? Have you lost friendships over some of the things you have said and want help in repairing those friendships? If you answered yes to any of these questions you can call Dr. Mike and get help. Call him at 303.456.0555 today!

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