The Seven Sins of Marital Discourse (7) By Dr. Michael Brooks

The Seven Sins of Marital Discourse (7) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Number six on my list of Seven Sins of Marital Discourse is Trusting each other. How many of you have heard stories about friends of yours or even family members having affairs that ended in a divorce? We all have, and what happens to couples when the trust factor is lost, everything shuts down. The marriage is in deep trouble, most likely without counseling the marriage will end. The family breaks apart, and the kids are the lost souls in the big picture. Trust is the foundation for solid and healthy relationships; if that is lacking, then you can imagine what’s in store for the future.

Trust in marriage is key for survival, learn to communicate

Trust starts with open and honest communication. If there are issues that you may be uncomfortable with then address the problem. For example, if your spouse seems to be working several evenings a week and has late hours, that needs to be talked about by you. Don’t let it upset you and avoiding talking about it will not solve anything, sit down and speak your mind, get it out in the open. I see many individuals in my office and speak to a lot of people that have many issues with trusting their spouse. What are these trust issues that men and women deal with, well, here’s my bullet point list on trust issues in many marriages?

  • Working late hours
  • Always on their cell phone and can be heard whispering to someone
  • Unaccounted expenses at restaurants and hotels
  • Buying new clothes, new undergarments
  • Starts wearing aftershave or perfume
  • Unplanned weekend errands that normally never occurred before
  • Increased alcohol consumption

These are just a few, but beware of these changes. Trust can be earned back if lost, but it’s a long road ahead of you. So, if there are trust issues, deal with them immediately, don’t wait and do nothing. These feelings will make you ill until they are dealt with.

Do you feel frustrated about your failing marriage or relationship? Do you need help in saving your marriage and family from divorce? Do you have a spouse or partner who isn’t communicating with you and you want it restored? Do you want help in learning good communication skills? Are you the partner who wants to end your relationship because it’s unhealthy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact Dr. Mike and set up an appointment. Please call Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878. If you need help.

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