You Can’t Run Forever, Trust Me! (1) By Dr Michael Brooks

You Can’t Run Forever, Trust Me! (1) By Dr Michael Brooks

How many of you can honestly admit that you have serious problems in your life, and you keep running away from them? Do these issues keep popping up at the most inappropriate times? It may be someone who knows you and brings up your past and they remind you of something you did to them or other people. Maybe after hearing from this person your memory bank starts to rewind then replay a series of painful things you’ve done to someone, it might be through songs, smells or someone that looks like a person in your past that you hurt and avoid. If you think about it, are you being haunted by your past? Isn’t it about time you quit running away and deal with whatever is consuming your thoughts and just be done with it? For your peace of mind, I’d say better work on it now and not procrastinate!

Running away from problems, will not work!

If you keep running away from people, how can you fix the problems you may have caused. If allowed to grow in your mind, it will almost become impossible to remove. It will always be there, whether real or imagined if you don’t face up to why you are running away. It will sneak up on you at every turn in your life if you don’t deal with running away from people or situations. I know some people who just can’t give it up, and live with running away from their problems as a pattern. I think we all have done that at one point in our life. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it certainly creates big problems for us.

I can remember looking back when I was in my teens; it was a time of uncertainty in my life, and I’m sure for you as well. There was the time that we shy; clueless kids would say and do things that would make parents scratch their heads. One such time was when I had asked my dad for a loan to buy a car. He listened while I shared with him that I sure could use a Corvette for my first car. I was seventeen at the time and never had any experience driving a sports car, but I sure needed a Corvette. He looked at me with “are you kidding me” eyes and said, you don’t need a car like that. I gave him all the good reasons why I needed such a car. I argued with great persuasion and authority which went nowhere. I told him I would work four jobs after school and on weekends. He was right, I didn’t need a Corvette. I would have liked a car like that, and he saw the big picture that I didn’t, it was not practical, and too expensive. I told my friends, I think I could convince my dad to help me buy a Corvette. I even convinced myself he was going to help. When I heard the “sorry, son no way” I was too embarrassed to tell my friends my dad said no. I avoided them as long as I could. I realized that I had to face them and I did, it wasn’t all that bad, but still embarrassing and hard to live down, in my own eyes. By avoiding them, I made it worse for myself.

So, next week, I will continue this article on running away from people and situations you have caused or have been a part of.

Do you feel frustrated about running away from your past and want help in restoring a broken relationship? Do you want help in knowing how to let go of your past so you can get on with your life? Do you need help in setting up your auto-responders, so you don’t run from those situations that cause you embarrassment? Do you need help in understanding why you run from those who you fear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to contact Dr. Mike and set up an appointment or call Dr. Mike at 303.880.9878. If you need to talk.

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