Zoom Meeting on Co-dependency June 26th, how to deal with it! Check time zone for your meeting time!

Just a reminder that we will be having our Zoom meeting tomorrow on Friday, June 26th at 2:00 Mountain time, 1:00 PM West coast time, 3:00 Central time, and 4:00 East Coast time.

Here is the link to get into the meeting.

Meeting ID: 823 2194 0460
Password: 507459

Here are some of the questions we will cover tomorrow:

  1. Does your sense of purpose involve making extreme sacrifices to satisfy your partner’s needs?
  2. Is it difficult to say no when your partner makes demands on your time and energy?
  3. Do you cover your partner’s problems with drugs, alcohol, or the law?
  4. Do you constantly worry about others’ opinions of you?
  5. Do you feel trapped in your relationship?
  6. Do you keep quiet to avoid arguments?

For the “enabler.”

  1. How did you become afraid of conflict?

  2. What has caused you to be uncomfortable with receiving?

  3. When did you begin to find your self-esteem in being a giver? Or to make sacrifices constantly for others? Do you like control too much?

  4. Does your partner’s problem tend to make you feel superior to him or her? If so, what has made that important to feel?

  5. What is keeping you in the relationship? Are you afraid of leaving, and why?

We will continue where we left off last week on Co-dependant relationships- this could be a spouse, family member, or a friend. The discussion has been lively and great perspectives are shared. If you’re codependent and feel the need to have someone in your life, join us as we work through codependent relationships. Rana Justice and I will moderate this group meeting.

We also want to look at our fall meetings, to try to figure out what dates and times work for you. Topics discussed will include Boundaries, The 5 Love Languages, and the Colorcode series. I’ll go more into the descriptions in a few weeks. If you have questions or want to address a specific topic, please let me know and send it to me. I will keep it confidential who sent the info and question. This is a great group, and if you know of others who may benefit from this group, please invite them.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

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