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“This was amazing… 1. I loved the positive tone. 2. State of the union…awesome! I’m seeing someone and he asks me regularly what he can do to make my life better. He also makes sure to tell me daily the he cares for me. That check in does wonders for our relationship. 3. Addressing reluctance…yes!! Avoiding your own agenda, mind reading, interrupting…yes, yes, yes! 4. Techniques…what a great way to give tools to couples. 5. The need to hear but also feel love. 6. Mentioning ‘approachable” yes! Well rounded, good tools, good encouragement, you presented hope and this is so needed.”
– Lisa S Evergreen, CO
“I love love love this!!! So many people give up so quickly!! This is a awesome way to get out there and show options instead of easy ways out.”
– Dawn B Chicago, IL
“Cuz, I listened, and I thought it was very professionally done. I have some questions…I assume that this is not a live broadcast? Or is it? I like your idea of a State of the Union. Many people will not know what to “bring to the table” in these discussions. I like the idea of giving them ideas about what to say or ask. If there are real problems in a marriage, then you would think most of the comments would be negative. I would try to accentuate the positives between both sides. Why did you get married in the first place? Can you go back and replicate that feeling? What might have changed for the worse? For the better? I remember our priest (even though I am John the Baptist) ask the congregation to raise their hands if they thought a marriage was a 50/50 proposition. I would bet that 98% raised their hands. I knew better and as the priest went on to explain……a marriage is sometimes 50/50, sometimes 80/20, sometimes 90/10, sometimes 20/80…you get the idea. I think your presentation is excellent. Is this going to be a weekly show? Will it be live where people call in? I know you get letters and you respond to those which is good. I imagine these discussions can be very difficult at times and very positive at times. You must get great satisfaction when you can save someone’s marriage! Keep up the good work. Send me the next one too.”
– John B Chicago, IL
“I luv it!! I was listening to it and was reminded of my daughter who is 21 and she and her husband got married in November and she is already complaining about how they can’t communicate and the issues they are having. I was just thinking man this can’t be to good but the information on that show can help so many!! So many need to work harder.. you never hear of a 30 year marriage anymore.. I believe social media has so much to do with a unhappy marriage.. I will for sure share this thank you so much for sharing.”
– Dawn B Chicago, IL
“Mike and Dawne, the show is so well done. Engaging, practical, professional, and gives helpful advice on a level many can easily grab hold of. Also like the way it gives opportunity for further help for marriages that a fragile or in deeper trouble. Some subjects I think might be helpful to address could be: dealing with unmet expectations, how do we rekindle our love, secret sins and hiding, dealing with resentment, having a date life after marriage, past hurts affecting a present marriage, neglecting your marriage while raising your children, marriage and blended families, keeping short accounts-asking forgiveness, money and marriage, self-centered in sex-time-desires-hobbies, how to talk and listen in ways one another really hears, considering one another more highly than oneself, enjoying one another over tolerating one another.”
– Pastor John B Denver CO
“WOW……I think it sounds awesome and very professional. I think covering deeper issues that I know a lot of divorces go through are abuse, whether it be emotional, verbal or physical are very real, as well as infidelity….. issues that are very hard to forgive or get over and would likely need to be addressed. I hope that this takes off, it does sound great. Is it only airing in CO? Maybe after it airs, you could have a FB page for it and also get ideas from listeners or people that would listen via FB, if that is allowed with that radio station. You have my vote -sounds -AWESOME !”
-Tracey B Kansas City, KS
“Good job, bro! You and Dawn had some great suggestions for not only for those considering divorce, but also those with good marriages. Keep it up! Steve K, Indy, IN
So 1. evening radio show, 2. downloadable podcast or itunes or available by subscription via your webpage.”
– Agnes F. London, England
“…if you do a radio show, its a very small exposure
you need to store episodes somewhere, so people can listen to them weekly but at their own convenience like an audio book etc.”
– Agnes F. London, England
“Finally had a chance to listen. I like the idea of a state of the union check in. I feel like both parties would need to be invested for it to be helpful, and if they have already committed to making the marriage better then it would be a nice way to connect and help each other be a better spouse.
I know I have tried to find a way to talk about what we need from each other, and it turned into a lot of blaming- mostly blaming me (even when I had acknowledged what he was saying, and even agreed, and even said that would be something I would try to do better at). Things did get better for a short time however, because I made an effort to do things he needed, but eventually the resentment and frustration settled back in and I really found myself struggling to do what he needed. That’s where we are now, although I have been trying to do a little better the last couple weeks, but I am really struggling without some reciprocity”.
– Rana J. Houston TX
“Wow, I mean wow, Mike your show was really good. You and dawne really interacted back and forth. Neither of you dominated the conversation, very well done. Your voices sounded great and the Masculine/Feminine interchange really kept my attention. I especially liked the ” The State of the Union ” that really stuck all the way through the show. Now some points I picked up on. I liked the idea of “The List”, Wife list, Husband list, his need for affirmation, Her need for Sensitivity. Speaking as a Man I do think guys keep a list in their heads. I thought the narrative breaks were perfect, I think there was three. That was a great way to move to another segment quickly, so you could stuff more into a half hour, but still stay on the subject of, State of the Union, Well Done. This is a personal note: I experienced in my past two marriages that she would rather work on his issues in counseling. Then after his issues were worked on even for several sessions, and now shall we work on her issues. It was time to work on still more of his issues, hoping to avoid her issues.
I also liked the, “What do I do that Bothers you” segment, ” Talking about the negatives”. This in a counseling session could be where it gets rough! This is the time where YOUR coaching needs to be there.
The “Do You Love Me” segment was the most important. I know for myself I need to hear it. It was interesting what Dawne said about, Women can’t feel it on the inside, meaning they need to know we “men” do Love them “Really” all the way deep. In the spur of the moment it doesn’t always come out that way, “I love you”. I would expect that time in a relationship would make the deep, deeper.
Finally, the segment about leaving work at work. Oh, mostly that’s impossible, I need vent time with the most important person in my life when I get home from work. I will carry that stuff with me throughout the evening if I don’t vent it out. All I need is some affirmation from my spouse that I’m really a good guy, honey I’m standing with you. That will soften the blow of the Day.
This has got to be a success Mike. You and Dawne really came across very comfortable. Please understand if I were to say Professional yes that dose apply. But here Comfortable is what the Heart needs to hear, and you guy’s nailed it.”
– Dan T. Denver CO
“Matters of the Heart” is a great title and points to the main source of our successes and failures. What also ties into this is the spiritual aspect of each other’s faith. It is God’s institution, He decreed it and we covenanted in our vows. This program’s topic was about communicating. Communicating isn’t always a sit down formality. Communication is, as you stated in the recording, coming home from work walking in that front door in a certain way. It’s also in getting up each and every morning. It’s helping each other and caring. It can be an all day opportunity for many couples. For Lucy and I it’s often, I work many days at home and Lucy is also at home as she’s retired from both, RN and homeschooling children. Marriage to me is about doing things, action. Feelings may become a result but is not a beginning. IF it was a marriage out of feelings only it’s a marriage for the wrong reasons. God has declared the marriage the ultimate contract for mankind. Imagine how important it is for all people and cultures to abide by God’s decree. A culture suffers from any deviation of what this marriage covenant represents and requires. So will our nation suffer as we deviate from true definitions of marriage and who deny who should be defining it. Michael, you are involved in the keeping of the marriages and thus the betterment of mankind. You are salvaging the order in our society. The heart is at issue in most marriages. External things could cause stress and breakup. Health is a big issue too and requires that additional strength. A faith in God has to be the common ground of any couple. Where it is strong the couple grows together in their walk with God. As God’s order becomes a part of each in the marriage, they faithfully grow closer together as a result. Problems in marriage is sin. Find the sin and prayerfully resolve it strengthens the marriage. What is the role of the wife in helping her husband to be Godly? How is the husband to lead his wife? Who has the final say in any decision? How do you find the beginning understandings of their expected role in a marriage? Goals are important. Having goals for each other and assisting each is showing a caring for each other. I talked to my daughter in her decisions of marriage. Do you know the costs, what it may be like to live in a certain area, will you be living near by, what are his goals, does he answer to a higher authority, will parents be able to help your family, do you know what it is meant to be a help meet for him. She said to me, I want to help him in his calling. How do you say you love your spouse. I was amused by that little exchange of how often you need to say it or love needs arms. We kid around together, “I love you today” we may say hinting, we’ll have to see about tomorrow, or thinking so you didn’t yesterday? lol. Or, she’ll ask, you know I love you right? I say of course I know, you made me a roast, you put gas in the car, you did this or that. Love is action and abiding by God’s law. His law defines how we are to love one another. All for now. You have much weight on your shoulders for obvious reasons. God’s blessings and wisdom in your work with others for mankind. Many topics for discussion in the bible as you well know. Even counsellors need counsellors but I’m just a man, husband and father who has an empty nest. Building any family apart from Jesus Christ will be built in vain. I rambled and hope you can get something out of this. Oh, another topic….hint…memories.”
– Todd H. Milwaukee WI
“Okay…I will start with this and if you want more detail, I will be happy to email you or arrange a verbal chat. I will leave that up to you. Let me begin by saying that the content was good. I found myself jumping ahead thinking I want to hear about … and in the very next moment you covered a part of that in general terms. It sounds very good; easy flow, calming and gives hope for the couples looking for help. And yes I have a few ideas on segments…which go along the lines of my critique of your radio clip. I will name three: Communication Between Men and Women — yes, we communicate differently. Understand That Unresolved Issues Take Time — don’t expect to just talk about it and think that it goes away…it takes regular affirmation and work.”
– Tammy D. New York City, NY
“Michael, Lisa and I listened to this together and I appreciated it. Some suggestions though. I do believe that a list needs to be decided on by both parties like, 3 or 4 things. Also, something that Lisa and I do and have done for the past 40 years is PDAs; holding hands, kissing in public, hugs, arms around each other. We also talk multiple times every day while we’re working and if we can’t we send texts. Showing an interest in your partner by communicating regularly is important or, at least, we think so. Overall I do think your show was quite good. I had a problem with your co-host’s voice since I wear hearing aids. Too even, too soft. Probably a mic thing. Anyway, good luck with the show and I hope you prosper well with it. and thanks for asking for my opinion, I appreciate it.”
– Russ P Evergreen CO
“Dad hasn’t listened to it yet but I was finally able to take some time and listen to it uninterrupted and I jotted down just a few things that stuck out to me about the show.
What I Like About the Show the topic pertains to all close relationships, not specifically just marriage.
It flows easily…no unnecessary pauses, no awkward pauses or talking over each other.
Encouraging, positive advice, it comes off as more of a conversation not forced communication. Thoughtful, important questions being asked/addressed I like the integration of questions from listeners so people can apply a real life situation to what is being discussed.”
– Tawny M. Zumbrota MN
“That was a great radio show! Im not sure if you’re looking for questions but I have a few lol. One is maybe how to bring things up? How to bring up that maybe there is a problem without the other reacting badly to the thought of communicating. And when is the right time especially if you are in a relationship potential crisis situation?
towards the end you both mentioned that when things get heated to take a step back. I think at least for me when you are trying to communicate, and it’s not being received or you get that feeling that your significant other is not putting in the effort as well, how do you not turn from kind thoughtful words to more condescending hurtful words. (I think some, including myself, will use kind words but when it’s not well received by SO those kind words quickly turn into nagging or lashing out because you are almost wanting them to feel your hurt).
This one kind of goes back to the first question. what happens to couples that do have these conversations, but nothing improves or maybe one changes to improve the relationship and the other doesn’t? I guess how can you get that significant other that has a hard time communicating and opening up to share their thoughts and want to take action instead of being complacent with the way things are? Brook A. Irvine, TX
Michael, I had an opportunity to listen to your new podcast and I have a couple of items I’d like to say regarding your new efforts.
I tremendously enjoyed the entire show as it is very easy to listen too as the tone is super. The quality is very strong and the interaction between you and Dawne is very smooth. I would imagine others would feel very much the same way.
The topic is one of much concern to society and this show hits it straight on! As I mentioned previously the tone of the broadcast is what first caught my attention. It is so direct to the listener it is like listening to a soft music station.
I applaud your approach and feel you have a product to be proud of.”
Be Well, Make It Count
– Corky F. Edmonds, WA.

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