What Are Your Auto-responders? (6)

If you’re trying to save your marriage then knowing how to use the auto responder is key. This can be a challenge because out of our pain and the feeling of hopelessness we can say and do things we will regret. I want to caution you and I am speaking to the person who is trying to save their marriage alone. You may be tempted to get even with hurtful words but I am telling you don’t speak negatively or in a condescending way towards your partner.

Saving your marriage takes lots of energy!

Saving your marriage takes lots of energy!

That behavior needs to stop immediately. Your auto responder should be to avoid snarky comments and learn to talk things out in an adult way. That will start to promote healing between you both.  Again,  I want to applaud you for wanting to work on and save your marriage. Secondly, if your marriage has been based on you putting your spouse down they will need to see that you no longer use this to hurt them and will need time and space to heal during your time of separation. They need to see that you no longer use snarky comebacks.

Here are my tips for those of you who want to save their marriage and need to have auto responders.

·         If you have been the one who finds fault with your spouse then you need to stop and ask for forgiveness for your behavior and listen to what they have to say. Auto responders don’t always have to say something in return. In some cases your auto responder might be “saying nothing at all” this can be very healing to the other person.

·         Auto responders listen to what is being said. Sometimes this opens the doors to real communication. Again, you don’t always need to respond to what is being said. Listening is important in repairing relationships.

·         If your spouse is angry at you and for something you did, your auto response should be “accepting full responsibility for your actions.” Auto responses should always be done with respect and truth. I can appreciate it when someone confesses and admits they have messed up and makes no excuses for their actions. They own up to it.

·         If you both need to get help, don’t wait…get it immediately. You can learn how to communicate with counseling/coaching. Learn to put your auto responders into place so you will  prevent further problems down the road.

If you need a counselor/Coach Applicable Counseling & Coaching Services can help you. We offer a great service Via Phone or Skype.

The next stop for auto responders is in the workplace. This is a place where auto responders can save your job and keep you out of trouble. Let me give you a good example of how auto responders work in the workplace.

Many people have lost everything by the way they respond to others. Marriages have ended because of mouthy comebacks. People have been murdered, injured, made lifetime enemies…just by responding with snarky or harmful comebacks. You don’t need to do that. Learn to use your auto responders wisely. They will keep you out of trouble. If you need help in learning on how to use auto responders call Dr. Mike.

Do you struggle with keeping quiet when you want so much to fire back with a snarky remark? Have you gotten yourself into trouble by the things you have said to others? Do you need to learn how to control what you say and how you say it? Have you lost friendships over some of the things you have said and want help in repairing those friendships? If you answered yes to any of these questions you can call Dr. Mike and get help. Call him at 303.456.0555 today!

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