Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (6) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (6) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week we will look at the colorcode and continue with the color Blue. Blue have their complicated sides too, and we will go over that today. So we know that blues have a wonderful side to them, they’re fun to be around, they are committed to relationships, and passionate about being loyal and honest. We love having that kind of relationship and being in one. Then again, there is an unhealthy side of the Blue as well. So, let’s dig in and explore the other side of the blue personality.

My friend that is blue has a side of her that causes some that know her a lot of grief. She is a perfectionist to the core. When working with her, she has to control projects with perfection. Unfortunately, that can get in the way of demanding projects. It’s simply hard to work with her. She is never really satisfied with her project’s outcome, she’s always making changes, and her team is frustrated with her. She has unreal expectations for herself and her team. She struggles with her idea’s thinking there not good enough. Self-doubt is a big problem for her.

Blues can be highly demanding and, more often than not, are not able to communicate or articulate very well. This causes confusion to those who are in a relationship with a blue. The confusion blues cause has people wondering how do “I talk to a blue?” Blues don’t share their expectations very well, leaving people wondering and searching for answers after meeting with them. Blues will sometimes finish a project because they don’t trust the project to be good enough to meet their expectations.

My friend was very distrusting of people. She would question the motives of people until she got to know them. When you don’t trust people’s intentions, this can be a problem. Once blues trust you, you’re pretty much at ease with them. She would assign people specific jobs with projects and would question why she gave that job to a particular person when others were more qualified. They often second guess their decisions. She would watch to see if people kept their word, and if they didn’t, they were on her do not trust list. This was in her personal and business relationships. She was very strict about this.

Unhealthy blues can be a big problem

Blues loved to be admired by others; in fact, they are the most admired out of all the colors. Why? They are admired because of their loyalty, honesty, being trusted, caring, and sincerity. Heck, what’s not to like about that, right? There are pros and cons to blues wanting to be admired. You can overdo being admired by others. You might think that an unhealthy blue would be considered self-centered by wanting to be noticed or admired.

Blues can be very emotional and moody at times and in an unhealthy way. The unhealthy Blue can be unforgiving and extremely sensitive. It seemed at times that my friend seemed to hold grudges and not let go of some of the pain that people caused her in the past. I tried to understand her reasoning behind her actions. She’d get upset at little things that normally you or I would just not give it a second thought! Of all the colors, blue’s deal with more depression than the reds, yellows, and whites. Blues will give more energy than any other color personality in a relationship, but they also forgive the least. My friend could recall those people who hurt her feelings in High School. She remembered their names and almost the dates and times anything terrible that happened to her she remembered.

Next week, we will continue the series on the colorcode.

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