Why give your marriage a second chance?

How many of you want to save your marriage? You’ve struggled with your pride, you hate to admit defeat and yet you have no clue on how to be humble and start working on repairing your marriage. You may say “it’s too late I’ve done a lot of damage to my spouse and our marriage.” “There is no way I can save this marriage! I’ve cheated, I’ve lied, said and done things I regret. How can my spouse ever forgive me?”

Usually the person wanting to save their marriage will not allow their hurting spouse the time they need to heal. This is a critical time period of stepping back and working on yourself.  Many wanting to save their marriage don’t understand this process. During this time period you need to work on improving your communication skills and setting boundaries that will prevent further damage to your relationship. Dr. Mike says there is always hope in saving any relationship.

Are you willing to take the baby steps to repair the damage done to your marriage? Are you willing to do the hard work to save your marriage or relationship? Are you willing to be brutally honest with yourself and make necessary changes that will win your spouse back? Are you afraid to talk to your spouse about trying to save your marriage and need help in planning that talk with your spouse? If you answered yes to any of these questions then call Dr. Mike or Dawne at 303.456.0555 to set up an appointment.

Part of repairing your marriage is admitting you need help and then following through with getting it. In this wings clip video you can see humility when the husband asks for a second chance and asks for forgiveness. If you need help in saving your marriage and want to talk to a ACS counselor call today!  We’re offering a free 30 minute consultation so schedule an appointment today.

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