The Consequences of Delay (1)

What would it mean if you delayed doing something that could cost you your marriage or life? Let’s say it might cost you a wonderful friendship, maybe your business, or a relationship that you took for granted? Many of us have a bad habit of putting off things that can get done today yet put it off for another day. The consequences of delay can be very costly to us in many ways. In this article I’m going to help you understand the consequences of delay and how they can be avoided.

Keep Busy To Beat Being Lonely

Don’t delay when wondering about your failing relationship

Think about it, consequences of delay can cost us our lives, relationships of all kinds, it can cost us business, even our sanity. I’m sure we all have delayed doing something just because it was inconvenient or embarrassing thing to do. I honestly can say that I am in this group and know of several others that are knowingly and unknowingly a member as well.

My mother lost her life because of the consequences of delay. We were attending my dad’s funeral in Minnesota and while we gathered in the hotel lobby waiting for the limo from the funeral home to pick up our family..she began to cough. It was deep coughing and as she pulled the Kleenex away from her mouth there was spots of blood on it. I asked her how long was this going on? The limo pulled up to the lobby of the hotel where she quickly changed the subject and out the door we went to the cemetery. At the dinner for family and friends she continued to cough.

That evening when we were alone I asked my mom how long has coughing up blood been going on? She told me while my dad was ill she didn’t want to tell anyone. Then she said that it had been going on for months. I asked her to promise me that she would go to the doctor when she got back to Chicago. She said she would. Two weeks later she called me and said that she had lung cancer. She lasted 2 years with her lung cancer. Could her cancer have been cured and she live years longer? Who knows, but I can say that the consequences of delay cost her life.

If you have any health problems that you may think will resolve themselves, stop kidding yourself. Go get the physical problem looked at. If you catch it now the chances of getting it fixed are in your favor. Some people are embarrassed to tell their doctors that their private parts need to be checked out. Listen my friends most of us have to get over that fear before it’s too late. I know a lot of men who dread getting their prostate gland checked out at their yearly physical. Just go and get yourself checked out. Your family and friends need you!! Don’t delay, PLEASE.

Do you need help in finding out what causes you to delay issues in your life? Are you afraid of the consequences of delay? Do you need help in how to stop delaying problems that you face? If you answered yes to any of these questions Dr. Mike can help you solve some of these problems.

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