When You Can’t Forgive Yourself (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

When You Can’t Forgive Yourself (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

I recall a while back a man that I knew hurt several people including himself. He was so into himself that he took advantage of his family, friends and co-workers by asking to borrow money. He used it for drugs and gambling. He almost died of an overdose and got his life together. He had many things he needed to get taken care of. He needed to make things right with the people he used and hurt. He went to each person and personally apologized for his actions and paid the money he borrowed with interest.

Don’t wait for problems to come to you, go fix them while you can!

The guilt he had and the unforgiveness he carried with him disappeared when he made things right. My friends the healing you need has to take place in your own heart. You have to let go of the guilt, shame, and the unforgiveness you have placed on yourself. I like to say this, confessing to God and asking forgiveness for your past is also part of your healing. If God can forgive you, why can’t you forgive yourself?

Once you have forgiven yourself, the next step is to STOP being critical of yourself and beating up on the people you love and care about. Some people who just can’t let it go, keep believing that there is no hope for them and believe this lie they keep telling themselves. Stop already; you’re not this horrible person you keep telling yourself that you are. That is behind you. Remember that!

Are there things you just can’t let go of, and it’s killing you inside? Do you need help in taking the right steps and learning how to forgive yourself from something in your past? Have you been hurt by someone and need to move on with your life. Do you need freedom from past hurts and to let go? If you answered yes to any of these questions, give Dr. Mike a call he can help you through the process of finding the freedom that you need. Call him at 303.880.9878

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