It’s not the end of believing, just a change of how we believe. By Candaise Young BCLC

It’s not the end of believing, just a change of how we believe.

By Candaise Young: BCLC

My daughter came up to me after dinner struggling with tears trying to explain to me that she no longer believes in the tooth fairy. Through her streaming tears, she asks me to save her tooth for her. When I asked why she wanted me to save her tooth, she said in a frustrated, broken heart tone, “I know all of my baby teeth have been thrown away in the trash”.

We have been waiting months for one of her baby teeth to LET GO and fall out. The adult tooth had already pushed through above the baby tooth worrying us that it would misalign her other teeth. She would never let me try to pull it out. She would say, “oh no mommy it hurts too much”. I gave her the option to keep wiggling it every day and pull it out herself. That didn’t work well for her either. I finally decided it was time to make a dentist appointment to have it extracted.

Would you believe it! The very day I made an appointment to see the dentist the tooth falls out that evening?! We had corn on the cob for dinner, and it fell out.

As she stood there in her room with misty eyes, palm out holding the tiny tooth she asked me if I believed in the tooth fairy. I could see how she desperately wanted to hold onto the magic of the tooth fairy so I explained to her what I believe in.

I started by saying, “My sweet girl, it’s okay to believe in the unbelievable.  I believe the love and joy from Santa Claus is real. Every year people change for a few weeks showing more kindness, smiling more, and sharing more with each other – families coming together. During this time there is more colors, lights, and music that flow around our mundane days with joyful melodies.  The Lockness monster is another mysterious thing in the world that I have not seen but believe is possible. Lepercons, who is to say, that once upon a time there were these magical creatures living in a wondrous lush forest, or perhaps running through the green hilly moors of Ireland?  I also like to believe there were Dragons. Art throughout world history shows depictions of these mystical long winged creatures.

What matters is keeping the joy of these magical, unexplainable events/beliefs alive in your heart. So it is not the end of something you love, just a change of how you think about it”.

Suddenly, I was struck by my own words. I had been struggling desperately with my impending divorce, lack of employment, where were we going to live and how I am going to raise two small children on my own. Constant fear is what I have known this past two years. The fear of the unknown, and that everything I know will be “ENDING.”

I thought to myself, does the word “end” have to mean a terrible thing? So I looked it up and found the definition was not very comforting.

Cambridge Dictionary: ending noun [ C ] US /?en·d??/

the last part of a process, esp. the way in which something stops existing

My Life Coach helped me to see that an “end” to something is not a bad thing. He asked me to draw a circle. Inside the circle, I was to write out all the feelings I had during my marriage. Words that filled the circle were: fear, pain, anger, neglect, frustration, sorrow, longing for acceptance and stress…to name a few. Then he instructed me to draw another circle and move all the words that applied to me since my separation. To my amazement, I only moved over a few of the negative words. I was astounded by what I saw and the realization that the “end” of something can be a healthy thing to experience. I just have to start thinking about it differently.

So to answer your question, my sweet daughter… It’s not the end of believing, just a change of how we believe. I do believe in the tooth fairy, and I hope you always believe in the unbelievable.

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