The Seven Sins of Marital Discourse (6) By Dr. Michael Brooks

The Seven Sins of Martial Discourse (6) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Number five on my list of Seven Sins of Martial Discourse is lack of Financial Accountability. This is a big one for most couples. Men and women, for the most part, differ on this. I think most women are geared for watching the finances carefully and spending wisely. Many divorces have been attributed to financial woes, and it happens at all levels of  poor and rich marriages. You have couples that overspend and buy things that they in no way can afford. I had a client who needed a car, he and his wife went to a dealership and looked at all kinds of vehicles. They didn’t go in with a budget; they looked for something that only the Jones could afford. He told me that they looked at an SUV valued at $75,000. He said she really wanted it for show only to make the neighbors envious. He was emotionally sick when she picked it out. The salesman went to see if they would qualify for the SUV. He told me that they waited in his office for what seemed over 30 minutes. The guy came back and said the payments would be over $750 a month. There was no way they could get a loan for that amount and they couldn’t afford it. The salesman could see the panic in my client’s eyes and helped explain that this type of SUV would be expensive to repair if they had any mechanical issues. She was so reckless with their finances; they ended up getting divorced.

Make a budget together, plan for expenses and unknown expenses.

Make a budget together, plan for expenses and unknown expenses. It takes both of you to make this work, at least be in the know of where your money is going and what bills have to be paid. I suggest starting a savings account. Just put something into it every paycheck you receive. Have a TLA (Talk, Listen and Action) meeting monthly. Go over your finances, projected expenses, savings and you’ll see that this cuts down on arguments. Communicate well on your finances; it will save you grief down the road.

Do you trust your spouse, do you talk openly about the needs and desire that you may have personally and in your marriage. Trust is a big factor in keeping your marriage healthy and in good shape.

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