Every Day is a Friday (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Every Day is a Friday (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week we will continue “Every Day is a Friday”. I love my family, love my job, love my friends, I think about all these wonderful things in my life. I believe most people love Friday’s too and what Friday brings, why? It’s the last day of the work week for most people. Many have made plans and are looking forward to having fun and enjoying the weekend. You start thinking about the weekend plans you’ve made on Monday  and through Thursday and you can’t wait till Friday gets here.

Make every day a Friday, buy planning fun and creative events for you and the family!

I guess my dad got me thinking this way. As a kid he would let us know what we’d be doing on Friday evening around the dinner table, Saturdays and Sundays were busy days for the Brooks family with chores and fun planned activities. He’d have some great plans in store for us, there were four of us kids. On Saturday morning the whole family would head over to the commersary (military term for a grocery store)and then the PX. Then we’d go to our sports games, all of us were in sports. Looking back, I can see why Fridays were something I looked forward to as a kid that carried over into my adult years.

Now, when I get up in the mornings, I have my day pretty much planned out. I know the things I have to get done for that day. I make sure that I have my day planned out on paper, or in my calendar with work and extra activities that I enjoy. I make sure that I have something to look forward to each and every single day. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, If it’s working on the yard, I will have that all planned out what needs to be done. I will plan on reading a book over a two week period, usually something that intrigues me (history or documentary). I love cooking meals for my family and friends, BBQ’s, etc. I will meet friends for lunch or dinner during the week. Keeping my day busy makes the day go by quickly and creates some wonderful memories.

Next week we will continue the article on Every Day is a Friday. Dr. Mike will have some tips that will help you find a way to make Every Day is a Friday.

Do you need help in getting your joy back? Do you struggle with planning enjoyable activities and need some guidance in planning them? Call Dr. Mike and he can help you find what you need to do to love each and everyday day of the week and to make it the, Every Day is a Friday sensation.

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