Is Coronavirus Driving Us Crazy? By Dr. Michael Brooks

Is Coronavirus Driving Us Crazy? By Dr. Michael Brooks
OK, we’ve all seen the news that toilet paper is as rare as a sighting of Big Foot running around in the mountains of Colorado, right? I mean, people are actually fist fighting over TP. Can you imagine that! Where has the civility gone towards each other? People are fighting over paper towels, Kleenex, paper napkins, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, counter wipes.

Is Coronavirus causing fights among us?

I went to the store to get a prescription filled, and I took a walk around the store. Milk was gone, bread was gone, water was gone, meats were just about gone. The line for prescriptions was 25 deep. People are acting like the world is coming to an end. It’s not my friends, we will get through this, this soon will pass, and we will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.
Y2K had the same crazy mentality as it does today. Remember when people said everything will shut down, computers will not function. People cancelled flights, thinking that the jet that they were on would fall from the sky. That our food and water distribution centers would run out of food and water. That the power grids would fail, and many people bought generators that are still in unopened boxes today sitting in their garages. This is the media hype that they are putting on all of us. Why? It makes up for a slow news day, week and month.
If you take precautions that the Medical experts are telling us to do, for the most part you will be safe. Wash your hands, this is nothing new, we were told to do that from our parents as far back as we can remember when we were kids. Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze into the bent elbow. Avoid sick people, use hand sanitizer when you can.
Most importantly, if you feel ill, stay home. Or call your doctor and get checked out. There is no vaccine for this COVID-19 virus. Stay at home and rest, this is all you can do for now. If you have some serious issues, having a hard time to breath, or coughing spells, fever, then by all means go get checked out at a hospital or at your Dr’s office.
The world is not coming to an end, plan accordingly and spend some time with your family. There will be no school for the kids or sports to watch on TV, no school programs, no little league, no soccer or church in some instances. Just think, you can spend time playing some board games together, eating dinners together. There is no reason you should be interrupted by all the busyness of life, since it’s been put on hold. It’s time to get to know your spouse, your kids, your family again. Talk, laugh enjoy each other’s presence now that you have time. If you have some home projects to do, well, guess what, you got the whole family to join and help you. Take advantage of this COVID-19 and use it to your advantage for reviving the life of your family or restoration of your marriage.
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Please share this, let’s bring back helping each other instead of fighting one another.
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