Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (16)

Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (16)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we will discover how yellows operate and how much fun they can be to the rest of the colors in the colorcode. Yellows love fun, that’s their motto!

The one part of the yellows that I didn’t agree with, and this is me as a yellow saying this, I’m sure there are many yellows who would fit in this category, is they can be self-centered and don’t commit to very much. Yellows like to focus on their needs, wants, and desires. It’s all about them. For yellows, committing to something means being focused for a certain amount of time, and yellows find that hard to do. They can be thinking of other things to do, they can’t focus for long periods of time. They can lose interest rather quickly before committing to a project.

Yellows are naïve and trusting, I have to say as a yellow, I’ve been burned by people that I have trusted. We can be so naïve that we get taken advantage of, and trust people do that to yellows without the yellow realizing it. We make commitments without thinking of the consequences or without thinking it through. We are so happy to trust people that we get caught in our own naivety and get burned in the process. We can hide our hurt feelings by our joking around and our quick smiles and laughter. We don’t show our emotional hurts very easily.

I’ve never sought to be a popular person growing up, it never dawned or interested me. I just wanted to mind my own business and get on with life. When growing up, I could pretty much relate to all ages, and I still do. I had this uncanny knack for being able to express my feelings and see others who needed to be heard. Yellows like to engage with all kinds of people. People like being around yellows because they make people feel important, and they genuinely do. Yellows have many friends and don’t like controlling their friends. Many people want yellows as their friend, yellows are not demanding like the other colors in the colorcode. They are pretty much laid back.

The one thing I like about yellows is that their so optimistic. They wake up ready to start the day and enjoy those around them. They know that things will work out no matter had bad the situation is. I had a good friend of mine who was a yellow. His wife served him with divorce papers, his initial reaction was shock of course. He wanted to save the marriage, and he tried, but alas, it was over with and not to be. He said life goes on, and he worked on becoming a better person, he met a wonderful woman and married her, he is now as happy as I have ever seen him. He landed on his feet and made a good life for himself and his wife. I have to say throughout his divorce he remained in great spirits and laughed a lot.

Next week, we will continue to discover how yellows add spice to all the colorcode personalities. Are you learning anything about yellows and how to enjoy them as friends or a spouse?

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