Beware of the Rattlesnakes in Your Life (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Beware of the Rattlesnakes in your life! (2)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, you’ll learn about different kinds of human venom people use against you and others, some of its subtle, and others right in your face. Learn to know the difference and how to deal with it.

The human rattlesnakes we encounter have different venoms. Their venoms can be bitterness, anger, gossip, slander, hate speech, rage, greed, lust, ungratefulness, lies, vengefulness; indeed, this is a long list, and I’m sure you could add several of your own if you wanted. Rattlesnakes can have bad attitudes, lack self-discipline, be lazy, unmotivated, and uncaring.

It’s easy to spot the rattlesnakes in your life; they are the ones who sow the seed of discourse. They like causing fights, arguments and seem to enjoy watching people struggle with the poison they spread. I have shared about one of the rattlesnakes that I personally dealt with, the town gossip! I was dealing with one of the most wicked women in my small town. She was vengeful to the core and hated to be confronted. Many would simply allow her to attack them because they wanted nothing to do with her and her beehive companions. The rumors they spread about townsfolk would have the whole town in turmoil. People avoided her in the grocery store, department stores, parks even in the church. It was like a scene out of an old western movie.

Then for some reason, my privacy became her business and her group of friend’s business. Her poison began to work on me, slowly but effectively. I became angry, upset and wanted to get some revenge on this woman. Then I realized that’s what she wanted; she wanted to see me get angry and upset. It was like a drug to her, getting high on the hurts she caused her innocent victims.

I decided that I would confront this woman on my terms, and I would do it with my dignity intact. I didn’t want to stoop to her level and trust me, that thought crossed my mind several times. Remember, when handling rattlesnakes, you have to be extremely careful. I made a plan to confront her in a public setting; I picked the grocery store on a Friday evening. I knew many of the people who shopped there and would support me in my action to confront. This rattlesnake had to be stopped.

Tom, the grocery store manager, had been one of her victims in the past. She destroyed his marriage with untrue rumors. He called me that Friday evening and said she was there with a friend of hers, another town gossip. I drove over to the grocery store, parked my truck and said a quick prayer, and walked in. I waited for her to check out and walk to the entrance of the store. That’s when I called her out. I was nervous and said my peace; several people stopped and listened to what I had to say. I saw tom off in the distance with his arms folded and a big smile on his face. I detailed the lies she told and asked her why? The friend that was with her didn’t stick around and left quickly. After I was done, I heard some people clapping and others laughing at her. She left in a huff; I never had a problem with that woman again.

Next week, we will continue with the rattlesnakes in your life and relationships. Learn how to deal with these volatile people you encounter in your families, friendships, and work.

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