No One’s Going To Respect You Till You Respect Yourself (3)

No one’s going to respect you till you respect yourself (3)

This week we will continue with how to get help for disrespecting those you love, and care about. You may have a poor working relationship with co-workers and want to start working on those relationships. Disrespect is a large scale problem in the US today. Let’s continue with our story.


I asked him this question, if she were to sit down with you and ask you “how do I know you’ve changed and will never do this again to me?” He looked blankly at me and said “I don’t know!” I said “then you’re not ready to be in a relationship with her.” He looked at me then his feet and said “your right. I have no respect for myself and have lots of work to do, don’t I?” If we can see that we treat others with no respect how can we move forward with relationships that are important to us?

Self-respect is something we all have to work on. Do we really value ourselves enough to be kind to others? Do we wake up in the morning and plan to hurt others by disrespecting them in front of others or one on one. For most of us, no we don’t plan our days around hurting others. A lot of the hurts we cause others are out of knee jerk reactions. We say and do things that are not who we are. We say something foolishly because we don’t take the time to respond in an appropriate way. But we still have to be in control of those emotions and responses as well.

I make it a point when someone is disrespecting me that I don’t take it personally and let them know I understand that they are hurting. I don’t argue with them and I don’t get angry. I just try to look at them and have compassion. After they have cooled down I make a point to meet with them. You can’t do this with everyone, I understand that.

The ones who will listen to me and can carry on a heart to heart talk I will sit down and hear what they have to say. We all must be in control of our responses to others even when they are being disrespectful to us. We need to respect everyone no matter what the circumstances are or what they say to us. You must be in control at all times.

Next week I will be giving you tips on how to respect yourself and others in your life. These are practical tips that will help you from getting offended from those who are disrespectful to you.

Do you have a hard time respecting others at home, work or with your friends? Do you feel disrespected at home by your spouse or children? Do you feel disrespected at work and want help in stopping it? If you answered yes to any of these questions give dr Mike a call today he can help you!

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