The Narcissist “The Devil’s In The Details.” (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

The Narcissist “The Devil’s In The Details.”(2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

So here are some questions that many of you will ask yourself if you have a narcissist in your life. How do I deal with them? How do I talk with them? I am married to one and need help in staying married, what can I do?

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I want address some of your questions, but know this from the get go that dealing with a narcissist is going to be very difficult. If you’re looking to be treated favorably, be treated with respect and dignity, with understanding and compassion, forget it!. If you think that you will be considered an equal with them or will be important to them you may want to move on with your life. If you decide to stay in the relationship you can be assured that staying with a narcissist is going to be costly in many ways. It will cost you a great deal of time and energy and possibly money to get what you want.

Here’s what you can expect if you stay in a relationship with a narcissist. Here are some of the narcissists characteristics.

Visions of grandeur, sometimes they live in another world they have created for themselves. You can see this by the things they say or do.
They exaggerate the things they have done.
They dwell on their fantasies of power, their looks, how smart they are, their accomplishments.
They believe they are special people and are adored by everyone.
• They think they deserve special attention because of who they are.
They will use people in order to get their own desires (jobs, favors, gifts).
• They believe that they are only understood by other special people other (narcissists).
• They will use you to get whatever they need to advance their agenda.
• Any relationship (friendship) with a narcissist is one strictly one sided.

Many people are unaware at first that they are dealing with a narcissist. Narcissists come off as kind and generous people. They use their charm to ensnare unknowing victims and use them until they either are confronted for their being used or no longer any value to the narcissist. Keep in mind and this is key for those of you that have a narcissist in your life that they will exploit their friends, acquaintances, and associates, while taking advantage of others to secure their own desires. Be aware of this so you’re not a victim. Keep in mind that not all of your narcissistic relationships will display some of the traits listed above.

Do you need help in dealing with a narcissist in your life and want to figure out what your next steps are? Are you afraid of the person you are married to and need advice in how to talk to them? Are you seeking help for your spouse who may be a narcissist? You may ask yourself how do I talk to my spouse who is a narcissist? If you answered yes to any of these questions and would like some help contact Dr. Mike at 303.456.0555

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