What are your Auto-responders? (4) by Dr. Michael Brooks

What are your Auto-responders? (4) by Dr. Michael Brooks

In the heat of our anger is where we have to be careful in what we say. People love goading others into saying stupid things with their mouths. It seems some are naturals at it and enjoy seeing your reactions and do it for sport. Our professional sports hero’s do it all the time. They’re trying to get into someone’s head by harassing them before or after each play. Watch any NFL game and you will see it after a catch is made or a great tackle. The players get into each others faces and shove each other until a ref comes and breaks it up.

Don't expect your friends or family to give good advice when you have marriage problems

Don’t expect your friends or family to give good advice when your angry, walk away from saying something foolish

Kids do it on the playground. How many times have you heard “I know you are, but what am I.” “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” But in truth kids get hurt very easily by the things said about them from their classmates. Heck, I think most all of us of us hate to be teased in front of a group of people. We tell our kids to ignore insults hurled at them. Yet, we adults don’t listen to our own advice some times. Auto responders are there to protect us from ourselves and each other. If you have a bad habit of using snarky comebacks use the auto responder to your advantage and be civil towards those you may not like. With certain people you may have to keep your auto responder ready at all times. I have people that I know that are critical and cutting towards just about everyone they come into contact with. I avoid these people whenever possible.

What are the consequences of not using the auto responder? Well, that’s pretty easy to figure out. More often than not you’ll set yourself up for all kinds of ongoing verbal battles. People will see that you’re an easy mark and possibly you’ll get picked on by friends and family trying to engage you in verbal altercations for your reactions.

Many people have lost everything by the way they respond to others. Marriages have ended because of mouthy comebacks. People have been murdered, injured, made lifetime enemies…just by responding with snarky or harmful comebacks. You don’t need to do that. Learn to use your auto responders wisely. They will keep you out of trouble. If you need help in learning on how to use auto responders call Dr. Mike.

Do you struggle with keeping quiet when you want so much to fire back with a snarky remark? Have you gotten yourself into trouble by the things you have said to others? Do you need to learn how to control what you say and how you say it? Have you lost friendships over some of the things you have said and want help in repairing those friendships? If you answered yes to any of these questions you can call Dr. Mike and get help. Call him at 303.456.0555 today!

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