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Electronics and the Death of Relationships (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

Electronics and the Death of Relationships(3) By Dr. Michael Brooks Another way electronics are destroying our children is the pornography that’s available to them on their cell phones. How many parents check what their kids have downloaded on their cell … Continue reading

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OK, My Relationship Isn’t Working. Now What?

As a college student, I worked the early shift at UPS unloading 40 foot trailers, as a part time employee. I had a supervisor who was constantly yelling at the pre-loaders (those who load the brown package cars that you … Continue reading

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So, you want to have an affair?

  Have you ever considered having an affair? Have you thought about how you would feel before, during and after the affair? Does the thought of having an affair excite you? Have you convinced yourself that if nobody finds out … Continue reading

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What is a Divorce Coach?

Are you in the process of Divorce? Do you have a relationship that isn’t working, or that you want to improve and work on? Is your marriage in trouble, and is there still hope of reconciliation? Or do you need … Continue reading

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